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Application SW

We offer application development including analysis, consultation, actual implementation, testing and then evaluation. We also offer service and suggestions for optimizing functions according to changing requirements on a device operation.

Settings and parameters are designed to minimize additional costs for data transfers, file sharing, etc. We prefer an integration of a design and an implementation into existing technology or information system.

Any control system, visualization tool or drive can not perform expected action without proper programming and setting. Naturally, we offer our suggestions for optimizing performance to customer’s requirements.

Every greater implementation of an application is divided into several parts, which are then accomplished in individual steps.
For each application is prepared a user manual, setting possibilities, list of parameters, etc.

Control system can include display and control using the touch screen, mouse, joystick, etc. Another feature, which make an operation of a device easier are functions for setting alarms and alarm messages. Alarms and messages can be stored or archived for further processing.

During the analysis, we offer alternative designs and evaluation of positive and negative aspects. We also offer options for further use and processing of collected information, which generates the application.
We provide solutions tailored to customer’s needs.